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Waiting for bazaars every weekend? Why not shop everyday at Jipaban.com?


Jipaban.com is an customizable online shopping mall that offers both retailers and shoppers a novelty experience with integrated social networking elements. As a retailer in their mall, you have benefits of them helping you to do marketing for your store, a larger shopper base and also a seamless add to cart system together with a dashboard for your store. Meanwhile for you shoppers who visits the online shopping mall, you have the benefits of Jipaban's social networking integrations and a trustworthy platform to continuously shop online. Currently Jipaban has social networking integrations like egg-on list, profile updates, Facebook and Twitter integration.

With more than 100 retailers in store and so many things to shop for, shopping cannot be more fun and addictive than this! Head on to Jipaban.com to start shopping.

Here's the great part for vendors of I ♥ Bazaar, Jipaban.com will give you an extra 3 free months rental on top of the rental packages you choose to join.

The packages are as low as RM345 for 6 months, by being a vendor at I ♥ Bazaar, you will be only paying RM345 for 9 months. That's RM1.30 only for a day! You are just a few steps away

1. Join us as a vendor at any of our bazaars (I ♥ Bazaar @ Subang Parade & I ♥ Bazaar @ TCM)
2. Sign up as a retailer at Jipaban here
3. When Jipaban contacts you, all you need to do is to let them know that you are a vendor of I Love Bazaar and you will be able to enjoy the special package.

For more details, please visit Jipaban.com.


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